Amid a rise in coronavirus cases, the Punjab government on Sunday announced even stricter restrictions including the closure of shops and limit on passengers traveling on vehicles.
 Coronavirus: Punjab government announces stricter curbs; closure of all shops till May 15

In an order to contain coronavirus in Punjab, the government has ordered the closure of all shops selling non-essential items.

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However, the shops dealing with essential items including chemist shops, supply of essential goods, milk, bread, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and poultry products like eggs, meat, mobile repair, etc, will continue to operate.

Also, there will be no restrictions on laboratories, nursing homes, and all other medical establishments.

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Meanwhile, nobody will be allowed to enter the State whether by air, rail, or road without either a negative Covid report not more than 72 hours old or a vaccination certificate (at least one dose) over 2 weeks old.

All the government offices, as well as banks, will work at 50 percent strength other than those where officials are involved in Covid management.

The four-wheeler passenger vehicles, including cars and taxis, would not be allowed to seat more than 2 passengers. However, vehicles carrying patients to hospitals would be exempted. Likewise, no pillion riders on scooters and motorcycles except those belonging to the same family and living in the same house.

The gathering has been restricted to 10 persons including for weddings, cremations, and funerals. The orders will remain in force till May 15.

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